What is Sunglasses testing


Are your sunglasses compliant to the relevant standards and Regulations?

If you are an importer or supplier of sunglasses, then it is your responsibility to make sure that you are importing sunglasses which are conforming to the sunglasses standards BS EN ISO 12312-1 and PPE regulation(EU) 2016/425. Sunglasses are category 1 PPE and need to be compliant with the requirements of PPE regulations.

Which? Magazine carried out some tests on sunglasses sold in high street and found that 15 out of 21 pairs of sunglasses have failed key tests. The report can be viewed here on Which? website here (Which? report)

These sunglasses were bought from the famous high street retailers and were tested in a sunglasses testing laboratory to check whether these sunglasses are conforming to the standards or not. The failed sunglasses were reported to Trading standards.

Similarly, another report published in Daily Mail Newspaper found that more than half of the budget sunglasses purchased the High street fail to meet the safety standards for sunglasses. Researchers tested over 100 pairs of sunglasses from ten leading retailers ranging in price from £1 to £25. They found 57 percent failed at least 1 of the safety standards for sunglasses. The Dily Mail report can be found in by clicking here Daily Mail report.

Companies that import sunglasses to the UK and EU must make a Declaration of Conformity saying that their sunglasses comply with the sunglasses standard BS EN ISO 12312-1 and PPE Regulation 425/2016.

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