Do you need UKCA mark or CE marking for your sunglasses?


Which one to use?

If you are a sunglasses supplier or sunglasses manufacturer or sunglasses importer, you would be wondering which compliance mark i.e., UKCA mark or CE mark to be used after the Brexit on 31st of December 2020.

The UKCA marking (UK Conformity Assessed) is the new product marking to be used on sunglasses and other Eyewear products i.e reading glasses, spectacle frames, clip on etc. to be sold in the UK. This UKCA came into force on the 1st  ofJanuary 2021. The sunglasses which have already been tested and conforming to the CE marking standards and have CE marking can still be used till 31st December 2024. From January 2025, The CE marking will not be recognized for sunglasses placed on the market in the UK. Before 1st Jan 2025, the CE marking will continue to be recognized for sunglasses and other eyewear products.

If you are selling sunglasses in both UK and EU countries, then you would to need to have both CE marking and UKCA marking on the sunglasses.

The sunglasses are Category 1 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and need to be tested to the sunglasses standard BS EN ISO 12312-1 for compliance and after the tests are completed, the UKCA mark can be printed on the sunglasses and Declaration of Conformity is drawn up. This ensures that sunglasses are tested to the relevant regulations and standards.

For more Information regarding UKCA marking , visit the UK Government web pages here( or go to BSi group hereBSI group for further UKCA marking information.

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