Sunglasses testing in UK

Eyewear testing

 Spectroplus provide testing solution for eyewear products including sunglass testing. The sunglasses are tested to British and European standard for sunglasses BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 and BS EN ISO 12311-1:2013. We also test sunglasses to FDA requirement for Impact resistant (drop ball test).

Spectroplus help suppliers and retailers to ensure that their sunglasses are safe and are complying to the relevant regulation.

The sunglasses standard BS EN ISO 12312-1 include the following tests.

  • UV testing, Filter category and transmission testing
  • Uniformity of luminious transmission
  • Suitability of road use and driving
  • Optical properties i.e optical power, prism & Astigmatism
  • Material & surface quality
  • Ignition test
  • General construction & enhanced robustness
  • Bridge deformation
  • Polarization efficiency and polarization axis checking for polarized sunglasses
  • Checking marking and printing on the glasses