Why Sunglasses testing is important?

Sunglasses are an important part of fashion and protection, but how do you know if the sunglasses you’ve purchased or supplying are providing the UV protection you need, comply to the regulations i.e PPE Regulations 425/2016 and fit for purpose? The answer is sunglasses testing. Sunglasses testing is an important part of the manufacturing process that ensures all sunglasses meet certain standards for ultraviolet (UV) protection. and complys to PPE Regulations 2016/425. Testing is done to make sure that the lenses on the sunglasses block a certain amount of UV radiation, good in optical properties, suitable for driving and road use, robustness testing etc. A lens that blocks 99% or higher of UV radiation is considered to be a good quality lens. When it comes to sunglasses testing, there are two important factors to consider. The first is the material used in the lenses. Not all materials are made equal when it comes to blocking UV radiation. For instance, glass lenses may not block all UV radiation, while polycarbonate lenses are more effective at blocking UV rays. The second factor is the coatings applied to the lenses. These coatings are designed to further block UV radiation and can range from a simple tint to specialized coatings that are designed to further enhance UV protection. Sunglasses manufacturers use a variety of tests to ensure their products meet the required standards for UV protection. So, if you are sunglasses manufacturer or supplier then make sure that your sunglasses are meeting the standards reqirements and complying to PPE Regulations.
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